Cooking with Vincent Sparkes

“My name is Vincenzo and I come from Assisi (where Saint Francis comes from), Umbria.
My aunt taught me how to cook when I was little,many traditional recipes.
I have ,since then, been interested in cooking and primarily to eat well and use
good products and tasty of course.
I have been in many parts of the world with my job as a designer,and have aquired knowledge
on many spices and recipes,this is because I am curious.
I came to Bulgaria a few years ago with a personal working project in the Rhodopes,
now I live in Plovdiv and although I am not a professional chef I gave advice for Uti Bakcharov Tv series, supplying the programme with many recipes from all over the world.
I am quite interested not only on the food and taste aspect but also for nutrition purposes.”

On 21st of April from 16:00 o’clock Vincent will show us how to prepare a several dishes based on chickpeas.
1-HUMMUS. A Mediterranean appetizer made from chickpeas and Thaini.
2-PASTA&CECI. A dish from central Italy,a type of soup with chickpeas and small-size pasta and spices.
3-PANELLE. A Sicilian dish made of chickpeas like a bread loaf then cut and deep fried in olive oil.
4-CECINA. This is a pizza-type recipe from Tuscany made with chickpea flour and rosemary.
5-CHICKPEA BURGERS. (If time allows)Vegeterian burger made with chickpeas and spices.
Prize 22 lv and all the materials and the dinner after are included.
If you want to participate please assign on go@plustova.com.

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