Beatnik Poetry Evening

Mockingbirds are bad ass.
Mockingbirds, that’s Mimus polyglottos,
Are the MCs of the animal kingdom.
They listen and mimic and remix what they like.
They rock the mike outside my window every morning.
I can hear them sing the sounds of the car alarms
Like they were songs of Spring…
Rives “The Mockingbird Remix” 2006
The Beatnik Poetry Evening is an irreverent collection of non-literary types with non-literary aspirations reciting some literacy, some lyrics, some home baked and some cookery books. In the convivial relaxed ambience of Plus Tova, your MC will escort you through the evening to the live background sounds of our own Beatniks on bass guitar and drums.

There is no sign up, just get up.
There is no Beatnik only, just blow me (away).
There is no dress down, just come down.
There is no up town, only down town.
Friday, October 10th, 7pm – 9pm
(that’s REAL 7 – 9)
Plus Tova, Ulitsa Marin Drinov, 30.

Open Mike Event. – That means, YOU bring your badass, your poem, your papers, your online so smart phone, and YOU recite. Yes. Be the mockingbird, be the mocking bird, and be the mockingbird.

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