Marlene Dumas/ William Kentridge – IN CONVERSATION, a film

In this film, Dumas and Kentridge discuss and present their work, their methods, their studios, and their successes in drawing, painting and filmmaking.
The intent of this evening is to introduce and create a monthly open forum on visual art, especially focused on Modern, Post-Modern, and contemporary. Each meeting would be started with a short film on an individual artist or style of art. Possible features could include the following: Basquiat, Marlene Dumas, William Kentridge, Robert Mothewell, Andy Warhol, Street Art, Lucian Freud, De Kooning, Bacon, films from the Palette series, and many others. The above artist list is only a sample of where we might go. The intent of Art2Go is to create a flexible forum open to any and all who attend and to establish a dialogue on art and artists currently underrepresented in Sofia.
For contacts: +Tova 0887203340 or Will 0885574852


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